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On the night of the harvest moon came a  knock at my door. A ginger cat - a gift of love - a gift from the moon. He stole my heart as I took him in and gave him all my love. I was on a path at the time - a soul path and his love brought something that was so deeply missing from my life.

So then the Orange Moon Cat was born. I was already halfway through my first deck - The PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL. The idea was there and the words and images were just coming together. TTHE ORANGE MOON CAT himself became an important card as he represented change. Change that was sent from the divine - change that steers our path in a totally new direction and gets us on track to where we need to be. 

I first released the MOON ENERGY DECK back in 2017. It was my 'first' 'first' deck really - released on a limited print run of 100. It sold out pretty quick but then life got in the way and the project was delegated to the archives.

My love of oracle cards did not stop there though. As I wandered the river path through 2020 (in lockdown - and what a life change that was for all of us) the idea came to me of a new deck that explored the idea that we are all on a soul path and the twists and turns and challenges along that path became the inspiration for the deck that was to become 'The PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL - A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY - 67 card oracle deck'.


The PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL was released through a Kickstarter campaign. I failed the first time (never run a kickstarter in the middle of a mercury retrograde!) but persevered and the second attempt was a tremendous success. The funding was reached and the deck was sent to print.

In 2021 I decided to revisit my MOON ENERGY DECK. I had so many people ask me to reprint it but I felt it needed new energy. So it was redesigned and added to in order to become not just a deck about the moon, but about living in synchronicity with the seasons and cycles in order to live a more harmonious life and be in tune with our energetic surroundings. 

I founded THE ORANGE MOON CAT as part of the self publishing process after realising that there are very few platforms in which to publish work of a spiritual nature as an independent artist. All my cards will now be printed under this name.

with much love