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Capricorn Season

Hello to Capricorn season and Happy Birthday to all you lovely Capricornians out there. 🐐   

As we pass through the portal the of the winter solstice we move into steady, structured and reliable Capricorn. This is now a time to start working on building structure in our lives. We have had throughout the year opportunities to reflect, dream and build and now it is time create solid foundations in order to move forward.

The sea goat alchemises water into earth. Solidifying ideas and building foundations. If we think of a mountain goat - it is sure footed and determined to climb the mountain and conquer the peak. We can achieve our goals by treading carefully with focus. Challenges are there to be triumphed over. It is a sign of self mastery - often the most important challenges are those we set ourselves.

Capricorn being ruled by Saturn is probably the most serious of signs ruled by the most serious of planets. However it can be too rigid in structure hence our journey through the wheel has led us to look deep inside to ascertain our soul path. By looking back on what we have learned we can then use this Capricornian energy to create structure. Time to plan, budget, formulate and put things in place to create that amazing life we wish to and CAN lead.

With so much love


The OMC 🌙


Element: Earth | Ruler: Saturn | Mode: Cardinal | Tarot: Pentacles/Coins

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