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What a year or two it's been! So much change and transformation has occurred in me, you and all of us. A rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs ~ but an experience!

I’m slowly updating and reconnecting with my website and social media after an amazing time of introspection. Creativity as always has been at the forefront for me ~ I think I never stop creating ~ it’s my mission in life! So bear with me as I wander off on strange tangents and explore unexplored avenues. I’ll be updating the shop here on the site as I quietly move my little musings and creations away from the increasingly corporate-feel owned Etsy. I do love Etsy and what it ‘stood for’, however at some point everything can be touched by the hand of greed. I will keep my shop there ~ however I feel a presence here that is smaller and more personal is the way forward. I am so grateful to my beautiful Etsy customers who have stoically supported me over the last few years ~ I am overwhelmed with the response and feedback and the love. I love you all and thank you (don’t worry I am not abandoning you!).

I'm currently in the process of writing and creating a new deck, it's a gentle journey through the realms of the soul... It's taking time ~ but that's right ~ these things are not to be rushed. It will be when it will be. I am posting here a card I wrote the other day ~ it touched my soul as we were under the energy of the new moon eclipse in Taurus. Never give up on your dreams no matter how hard you have to work to achieve them. Be in the flow of the universe and be in the flow of you. It will all come together in time, but just let it be.

I’ve also been creating in the garden… I’ve made a range of energy sprays that eventually will make their way onto their site for you my friend. In the meantime if you live near Norfolk ~ do pop down on Saturday (7th May) to Swaffham Assembly Rooms ~ mind body spirit show as I will be there with my cards and my sprays and some little extras!

So everything in good time. All will be as it will be.

with much love


[designer | dreamer | moon gazer | illuminated soul]

p.s I'm calling this a journal and not a blog (I'm not a blogger!.. are a muser on life)

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