Exploring the asteroids ~ Lilith (The MOON ENERGY DECK)

Lilith Who is she and why is she so important. Technically in astrology there are three Liliths, the asteroid Lilith, the black moon Lilith and the dark moon Lilith. Only one is a physical representation which is the asteroid, which was discovered in 1927 and lies in the main asteroid belt between Juliet and Saturn. Asteroid Lilith is most associated with the garden of Eden. Lilith was cast out of the garden after refusing to be the wife of Adam. She is a rebel. She is a woman in her own right. Strong and powerful and feared she refuses to be treated as anything but an equal. (I love her!)

Key words: feminist, freedom, confrontational, equal, liberation, independent

This Lilith is powerful and mysterious. She represents our darker side, our mysteries and secrets. She is also highly empowering as she makes us face our inner demons and harness their energies to our highest good. The dark moon Lilith makes us look at our negative tendencies, the underlying parts of our personality that we constantly are in denial of. How and why we have manifested our fears is looked at here and how we are forced to go within and confront ourselves. Only by realising and understand our dark side can we make progression.

Key words: priestess, seduction, addiction, shame, envy, hurt, obsession, inner darkness, empowerment.

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Dark moon Lilith is a representation of a mass dust cloud known as the waldemath moon. It was thought to be a second dark moon orbiting the earth. This Lilith is a dark and dangerous one. She is in the realms of our dreams and nightmares. She is our inner darkness and we can use this energy to harness or face our fears. She is the stuff of nightmares.

Key words: deep emotional pain, vengeance, toxic, hurt, madness

Lilith in Jewish mythology is Adam’s first wife, created at the same time and born from the same dirt, she left him after refusing to become subservient and refused to return to the Garden of Eden after coupling with Archangel Samuel. She is described as a dangerous sexually wanton demon who steals babies in the darkness. A night demon, a screeching owl … For me Lilith represents self empowerment and wholeness. Indeed she encourages us to embrace our whole self and to look for the power to be found in our shadow. To own this aspect of ourself and learn to love our darkness as much as our light brings us back to health and wholeness. Day gives way to night and night to day and so are the cycles of life.

By looking into the shadows of my soul and seeking the lessons and knowledge waiting for me, hidden from view - I embrace my inner Lilith.


In Aries, Lilith embodies the spirit of competition. She’s politically active, channeling her rage into action that supports independence of spirit and letting her voice be heard around the world. Lilith in Aries desires complete domination over her haters, no matter what the arena (case in point, Lebron James). If her fierce temper doesn’t have a suitable outlet, it can disrupt the lives of those around her.


Lilith in Taurus embodies the spirit of lust. Whether it’s for sex, money, or power, avarice is a spiritual practice for those with this placement. Allowing yourself to want whatever it is what you want makes you feel grounded and secure. You’re naturally desirous, and when those needs aren’t fulfilled, you’re capable of emotional outbursts worthy of Kanye West himself.


Feline curiosity is at once the Lilith in Gemini’s greatest strength and weakness. You’re mentally voracious, and never one to shut yourself off from any manner of experience. Lilith in Gemini will try anything once, as there’s a good story to tell afterwards. If there was to be a problem here, it’s that the omnivore in you will inevitably get a taste of something that’s not as sweet as you’d hoped. Will it be worth it?


In Cancer, Lilith struggles to reconcile the feminine-as-nurturer dynamic with the all-consuming seductress energy that is her essence. It’s a weird combination, but one that works. Consider dark mother goddess Kali Ma, or Anjelica Huston, who plays modern dark matriarch Mortitica Adaams. Your potential downfall? Caring for others who don’t care for you.


Lilith in Leo embodies the spirit of pride. At their best, they exude a golden aura that mesmerizes those around them. They have an otherworldly charm that they can use -- or manipulate -- to their advantage, especially on stage. When channelled negatively, pride turns to vanity and these individuals seek only to magnify themselves. Their ability to glamour is just that: an illusion.


In Virgo, Lilith is the embodiment of envy. These people take Virgo’s obsession with perfection to new heights, often making them a study in beauty and achievement. No wrinkle is left unsmoothed, no detail unedited. If there was to be a problem here, it would be allowing a hypercritical inner monologue to sabotage their potentially fragile self-esteem.


In Libra, Lilith struggles to reconcile the feminine-as-partner dynamic with the independent demoness energy that defines her. Together they manifest as the “perfect specimen”, both desirable as a mate but individuated enough still maintain some mystery. Alternately, this can play out in various other sordid scenarios. Even though you may romanticise the idea, don’t lose yourself in these kind of relationships.

LILITH IN SCORPIO Lilith doesn’t have an official ruling sign, but many astrologer suggest Scorpio as her ruler, given the sign’s association with sex, death, and other taboos. Lilith does feel at home here, with amplified powers of seduction, business acumen, and psychic connection. What more can you ask for, really? The only caution here is: use your powers wisely. Don’t strike out unnecessarily, because karma may be less than kind.


In Sagittarius, Lilith seeks glory. Whether it’s the most exotic vacation or the wildest party, Lilith in Sagittarius with go to great lengths to ensure that all eyes will be on them. They’re entertainers by nature, and aren’t afraid of rock-and-roll excess. The difficulty comes when this Lilith is forced to deal with mundane concerns or the feelings of others. The truth can hurt.


In Capricorn, Lilith embodies the spirit of greed. Capricorn thrives on business success and social status, and with Lilith here, the thirst for both becomes insatiable. It’s an impressive driver for “Started From The Bottom” style accomplishments, but it’s not as practical as it may seem. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the boardroom, this Lilith is always looking for an investment piece.


In Aquarius, Lilith is the embodiment of rebellion. Conventional notions of sexuality and romance bore them. At best, Lilith in Aquarius inspires artists, politicians, and visionaries far beyond their time. Their hopes, dreams, and desires are completely out-of-this-world -- so much so that many of their worldly companions find them distant or alien. Are they walk-ins? You decide.


Reverie becomes the Lilith in Pisces, so much so that they can lose themselves in daydreams and never find their way back. They much prefer fantasy to reality, but only because they want to be surrounded by beauty. Some try to escape the harshness of the present via substances, but if they avoid this, they can be gifted empaths, healers, poets, and artists.

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