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Full moon in Scorpio

Full moon in Scorpio - Alchemical Illuminations. 🌝🔮

What a powerful full moon last night! Deep and dark Scorpio reached into the depths of our soul and unearthed our anxieties insecurities and fears. Don’t worry if you feel a little on edge today - this is a deep clearing that started with the eclipses and culminates in this powerful lumination. All that we have suppressed has risen. We have been asked to look at our power and be in authenticity. Standing up for ourselves and creating boundaries. Discovering who we are and what has been holding us back. Discarding criticisms from others and comparisons that have created self doubt and stopped us from expressing ourselves with truth.

Ruled by Pluto of the underworld this digs deep into the depths. Pluto itself in Aquarius (socially conscious) forms a square to the moon emphasising the way in which we place and see ourself in society. Are we engulfed by its rules or do we allow ourself to stand out from the crowd and shine in our own light?

Scorpio is a fixed water sign opposing fixed stubborn Taurus shining his sun. This deals with deep ingrained emotion around our physical self too and our place in a material world. How do we fit in and do we still want to?

Mercury turns direct tomorrow. Energies are changing rapidly as we finish this eclipse period. The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is separating too but all this activity has unlocked a moment and a new phase. Let’s see how this plays out as with all planets now about to be direct it will really be full steam ahead. Seeds were sown, ideas birthed and intentions created to be manifested. Alchemy transforms.

The Sabian symbol for the full moon is: Scorpio 5: A Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea. Think of the sea as a body of emotion, ebbing and flowing but hitting a rocky shore which is a wall of physicality… our physicality and the walls we build that create blocks. We can stand strong against the sea but in doing so we disregard our emotion. By allowing the sea to break down the walls we become in rhythm and create a beautiful beach to walk upon in freedom. If we resist and become to rooted in old ways and ideas we become immovable walls of stagnating rock. Change is imminent. Change is what we are being asked to embrace by reassessing our beliefs and opening the door to transformation. That is alchemy and that is the magic of these transits. 🌟

With much love

The OMC🌙

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