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Full supermoon in Aquarius 1 August 2023

Well hello August and goodbye July. Where did summer go…

Happy Lammas - The festival of light and first harvest. Perfect theme for this months moon too…

Tonight we see a beautiful full supermoon in Aquarius rising in the sky (if no clouds!) - a culmination of the last few moths and a window that puts us in between two very powerful full supermoons.

Challenging times have been had. It may have been an uphill struggle but we have been asked to look at here we are and where we want to be and this period has given time to make adjustments and realign. I’m getting a reset type feel with this moon. It’s at 9º Aquarius which will be felt most strongly for those around this degree in all fixed signs (check your chart).

If we look back at the last new moon in Aquarius which was on January 21 2023 a flavour of what was started then will come to conclusion now. You would have been planting seeds of new ideas and thoughts that you wanted to put into action. Did you start a new project? A new routine, a new job, new intentions? You may see the results of this beginning to creep in. The sun is opposite in heart warming, playful Leo who encourages us to shine our light and celebrate our achievements with joy and enthusiasm and fuels our passions to go further! If we have acted with integrity from our heart and followed our true desires then this time should be that of satisfaction and looking back with a sense of achievement of all that has been put in place. Aquarius asked us to be our weird and wonderful self and find our place for that weird in our greater community. It’s all about frequency and attracting those to us who vibrate on the same level. Community, connection and collaboration by finding our tribe.

In aspects - Jupiter (planet of abundance and expansion) is 5º in down to earth but sensual Taurus squaring the sun and moon which is expanding the energy of this power burst. Taurus asks us to stay earthward bound and be aligned with the rhythm of the earth. No taking off into the ethers! Stand firmly in your power, ground in nature and watch the flowers come into bloom knowing that you created this beauty for yourself.

Sabian Symbols: Aquarius 10

A popularity that proves ephemeral - Remaining humble during moments of popularity.

Sabian Symbols: Leo 10

Early morning dew - Reformulation of self into a better, lighter expression of being.

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

with love

The OMC 🌙🦁

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MOON GARDENING (f u l l m o o n)

Sit back and enjoy the view. The flowers are in bloom and it’s all looking rather fantastic. Enjoy this moment to bask in the knowing that you created this. Keep an eye on the weeds though as they do creep in and can spoil the view!

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