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Hello Gemini Season

Hello Gemini and a huge happy birthday month to all you Gemini’s out there.

Gemini is a mutable air sign - it rules our third house of communication and governs how we interact with and connect with others. Ruled by quick moving (and thinking) Mercury it is an intellectual sign taking us out of the box!. It carries thoughts on the wind and snatches ideas from the ether. It’s a creative sign I feel (Gemini rising here so therefore my chart ruler) and helps us to verbalise our ideas and tap into our growth potential. Geminis thrive on being flexible - flitting through the air from one thing to another - collecting and generating information. 

Fluidity is the name of the game this month. Be carried on the wind and be free to think and feel. Gemini brings change and this should be seen as a gift. The last few months have had a heavier feeling but as we move into this airy sign moods are lifted and loads lightened. Inspiration may strike and we may take up a few projects that have been abandoned in the past. Venus moves into Gemini this month on the 24th followed by Jupiter on the 26th then Mercury joins them in his home sign on the 3rd June. If you have strong Gemini energy in your chart (sun, moon, rising, midheaven) you may start to feel the effects this already. Ideas formulating, inspiration from the unexpected and an openness to the new that maybe we didn’t have before. 

Full moon in Sagittarius is on the 23 May - ruled by Jupiter this is an optimistic and jovial sign that lightens the load further and encourages us to get outside and play! With a new lighter focus we can uplift our soul and channel words of wisdom from our own heart space.

New Moon in Gemini on the 6 June will bring a breath of fresh air mid month, preparing us for summer and helping put plans in place for the lighter days. Sowing the seeds of love is the song going round in my head! (Must be that conjunction with Venus!).

Enjoy the season - get yourself ready for the full moon! Time to wish away all that heavy negative thinking and be open to fresh way of thinking.

With much love



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