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Mercury retro-shade!

Are you ready?

Mercury entered its shadow period today as it prepares to go retrograde in a few weeks time. So Mercury - planet of communication - gets a bad wrap for this with a terrible reputation for literally screwing things up! However we are looking at 7 planets in retrograde over the next few weeks/months so it’s shaking things up a bit.

Pluto is currently retro in Capricorn until October 10.

Saturn is currently retro in Pisces until November 4.

Neptune is currently retro in Taurus until December 6.

Venus is currently retro in Leo until September 3.

Mercury will be retro in Virgo August 28 until September 15

Uranus will be retro August 28 in Taurus until January 27.

Jupiter will be retro September 4 in Taurus until December 30.

Chiron (the asteroid) is also currently retro in Aries until December 27


So what is the shadow stage and what does it mean for us. Shadow is a taster of what’s to come. In retrospect - retrogrades are really not to be feared but to be utilised as time out in our busy lives to RE-evaluate REconsider RE-look and RE-invent. Rather than approaching with dread use it as an opportunity to take stock of where you are and what needs to change. If you are coming up against things not working don’t shout about it - sit back and think WHY? Remember Mercury is a planet of communication so when things aren’t going that well it questions how we communicate what it is in the world that we want. AND if it’s not in alignment with the bigger purpose then you might find that communication goes a little wonky.

In retro (shade!) we are in shadow so we might find that things do actually reappear or get dredged up from the shadow, such as things, people (ex’s) and situations from the past might pop up for a bit of an annual review - just to make sure! It will go over old ground again as a test. It’s probably unfinished business and if you don’t put it to bed it might rear up again next time! It’s a good time too to think about what’s needed to be looked at over the last phase. Have you felt undervalued at work - could this be a good time for appraisal where a great conversation can be had that goes over the last few months and maybe highlights things that have been missed by your peers?

Have you got unfinished projects hanging around - is there anything you can do to either put paid to them or maybe take time out and finish them off for once and for all.

One thing to consider though in a shadow period is how we communicate and to think before we do. Probably worth double checking the spelling on that important email before you fire it off into the world - something may have crept in or maybe the tone isn’t quite how you meant it to read. Consider what you say and how you speak to others - brain before mouth as we could end up blurting out something that could cause offence… however that’s a lesson in itself to make us slow down and consider the way we communicate with one another and whether we are putting ourselves across in the way we wish others to see us.

Overall it could be an interesting few months. There’s a lot of change and upheaval in the sky - but maybe there’s a lot of change and upheaval that needs to be made in the way we live our lives and how we address that going forward. Use a retrograde wisely. You might find you’ll come out the other end REnewed, REfreshed and with a REally good perspective!

with love

The OMC 🌙🦁

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