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🌚 New Moon in Aquarius

9 February 2024

Tonight is the new moon in Aquarius. It’s also a supermoon kickstarting the first of the super moons for 2024. Sitting at 20º Aquarius and square Uranus it brings an eclectic feel to this new beginning. You just have to love Uranus for that!

Unexpected ideas and inspirations, personal insights and aha moments. This is a push to take us out of the comfort zone and be steered on a slightly more unconventional but correctly aligned soul path - this may be uncomfortable but is necessary. This is breaking old patterns of doing, being and thinking. Finding our truth and living an authentic life. Plot twists and aha moments. Creating the life you deserve by ousting old behaviours and creating a new awareness of self. Letting go of expectation - not just yours of you but also of others projections onto yourself. Breaking the mould! What makes you happy? Where do you want to be and how do you become that person to create that reality?

Chiron is opposing the South Node encouraging us to leave behind old wounds and impressions that have held us back and made us self doubt. Time to release all that - it’s in the past so let it go. Like an old favourite pair of boots - time to toss them in the bin and strike out in a shiny new and more appropriate (or funky) pair!

Pluto is also in the mix here in its new journey through Aquarius. Now Pluto likes to dig through the murky mud pool and stir up the silt that we have left lying untouched at the bottom of the puddle. No stone unturned. Brutal - but truth is truth. Only in truth do we become.

Saturn also forms a sextile with Jupiter giving a lovely window of opportunity for the new to reveal itself. You may even be taken by surprise with an offer that comes out of the blue!

Degrees affected most by this moon 19,20,21 fixed (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio). Check your chart for transits to houses and aspects. (

The Sabian symbol for this moon is 21 Aquarius

'A woman disappointed and disillusioned, courageously facing a ‘seemingly’ empty life.'

The theme here being able to take the knocks and scrapes that life dishes out at us and keep driving through with determination and resilience. Without the lows we would not experience the highs. So we need to take ourselves out of the mundane experiences and be innovative and creative in finding the best and most exciting path that we can. Time to start living… and really living. There is always another way but first you have to face the truth… even if it hurts a bit!

New Moon exact 22.59pm. Light a candle and make a wish. Write down your intentions and journal your hurts into oblivion. Enjoy this - it’s an interesting time. Embrace the change within. It will only move you forward as who wants to go backwards right?

With so much love and moon blessings



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