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New moon in Cancer and a Nodal Shift - 17 July 2023

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

New moon in Cancer astrology
New Moon in Cancer 2023

Hello new moon. Sitting in the emotional waters of cancer this new moon asks you to look at your feelings today and in particular your relationships with your nearest and dearest. You may find that you are a little oversensitive and feel that others may not be quite attending to your needs. Maybe you might even feel a little left out. Try and dig a little deeper into this before you speak out. Is this intentional (probably not) or is it just that others have different things on their minds and are just not noticing your need for emotional connection. Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn is forming an opposition to the sun and moon creating tension and opportunity for conflict. This should be in both home and family so again be mindful of your reactions and maybe just use this time to withdraw a little and give yourself some well deserved self love that you need.

As new moons bring new beginnings maybe this is a time to reflect on how our relationships change and look at how we can understand and adapt our way of thinking and reacting when it comes to others. Really feel into your emotions - cancer is deep and moody, but sensitive and loving and nurturing. Are you nurturing yourself? Can you create more of a self love routine. Are you projecting your own insecurities on others? Can you do more to nurture your inner self through your home environment or through activities that you love? Do you make enough time to do what you love?

Also today in the big astrological news is the shift of the lunar nodes into Aries (NN) and Libra (SN) where they will remain until January 2025. (Previous dates these nodes have been in these signs were December of 2004 til June 2006 and previously to that April 1986 til December 1987) - look back at what you were doing then and you may have a hint of where you are going now. Aries represents me - I am. It’s a strong fire sign that passionately gives you strength, freedom, independence, passion and desire. A need to reach out and be strong in our convictions. Have courage to stand in our power and be certain of who we are. Time to reach for those personal goals and have the absolute determination and will to achieve them. Big focus on your dreams. In the South node is balanced Libra, an air sign that has the ability to be people pleasing and could have us doing things to please others rather than following our own true path. We are asked to follow the fire of Aries and our personal desires and move away from the giving of ourselves to others at the detriment of our identity. This is a healing and purposeful journey. Find yourself and don’t get lost in the noise!

with love The OMC

MOON GARDENING (n e w m o o n) Get the seed packets out - lay them on the table - discard those you don’t want to grow and choose the best ones that nurture your soul (or stomach!). Ponder them for a day or two and make sure you chose the right ones. Then when the crescent moon appears in the sky go ahead and plant them! If still unsure go and do a little deeper digging…

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