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New moon 🌚 in cancer conjunct Sirius ⭐

A call from home.

On 5 July at 11.57pm the new moon is casting a light on the pool of the emotional water sign of Cancer at 14º23’ in EXACT alignment with the fixed star Sirius. Cancer asks us to trust our emotions and feel from the heart. It is the natural ruler of the fourth house of home in the astrological wheel. Where is home? How does home feel? What do you want to come home to? What is important in your life? This moon is nurturing and caring and wishes to help you connect with your innermost desires. That what matters to you is of the utmost importance. Coming home to you. Of the other end of the scale as an opposite sign Capricorn rules all that is stable and ‘official’ placing emphasis on the practicalities that heed to be pit in place in order to support our emotional needs. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which is in sextile to Mars in this transit.

⭐ Saturn 19º Pisces (r) sextile Mars 19º Taurus

Whilst the new moon is being born Saturn (in retrograde at 19º Pisces) and Mars (at 19º Taurus) form a sextile adding a dash of bravo to this lumination. Mars give us courage and Saturn gives us the stamina to forge forward and succeed. Ambition, determination, patience and the ability to see things through to the end without faltering will help steer us on a new level. If you are passionate about what you desire this will give you the grit to get there.

⭐ The star of this show though is New Moon conjunct Sirius at 14º23’ Cancer

Cancer is in the natural rulership of the moon so this is a beautiful energy to align with. What is so special about this new moon is the conjunction with the fixed star Sirius. Known as the Dog Star it lies below the feet of Orion in the sky (draw a line down and left from Orion’s belt and you will spot its bright light). A protective and faithful companion shining its light on hope, prosperity and new things to come. A fortunate star indeed - Sirius was thought of as our second sun by ancient cultures due to its brightness. It is actually a white dwarf at 9 light years away (if you think of the universe as a cosmic time clock what were you doing 9 years ago as it has taken all this time to bring a spotlight on that seed of thought!). The new moon and Sirius combine to stir your soul and awaken you to align and vibrate into your authentic being. What is your soul purpose? This is a call from home to step into your power and create your new reality. Sirius is such an important star with huge astrological influence. It brings incredible powers of success with this conjunction so make sure you are firm and decisive when making any new moon intentions as this is a time of beautiful alchemy.

⭐ Ceres14º Capricorn OPPOSITE New Moon 14º Cancer

Ceres the asteroid opposes the new moon sitting at 14º Capricorn. Ceres rules our relationships but in opposition may highlight those relationships that are holding us back or are at odds with our quest to move forward. In particular Ceres rules female/mother type relationships and may highlight any imbalances here. She is also the goddess of agriculture/reaping. What needs to be harvested? What needs to go that has been challenging? What has caused us to grieve?

⭐ Neptune 29º Pisces (r) sextile Pluto at 01º Aquarius (r)

As a separating aspect the nebulousness of Neptune in its anaretic degree of 29 56 pisces (almost at the Aries point!) is wiping the slate clean and getting ready to start again when it finally completes its journey and enters Aries. Pluto is journeying back into Capricorn one last time to clear out the cobwebs clearing the way for more positive clear thinking after some deep soul searching. Sextiles are windows of opportunity and this really is a new stage in our evolution to create meaningful change.

⭐ Chiron at 23 ºAries square Venus 22º Cancer

Chiron is squaring Venus close to the new moon in cancer where she is gently holding space for us and supporting our quest to heal our old wounds and step confidently into a new reality. Where we have held ourselves back in the past we are now ready to set ourselves free with a renewal in confidence in our abilities and to face our past fears, observe them, sit with them and then overcome them. By changing perspective we grow.

⭐ Jupiter 09º Gemini trine South Node 10º Libra sextile North Node 10º Aries

Jupiter in Gemini enhances communications with others and while we work through the past and clear the decks we open ourselves up to new and exciting encounters that may present. Be open to new opportunities and unexpected offerings. Where in the past we may have been over cautious this time around the confidence is there to follow up on any new and unusual developments. They may just turn out to be fortuitous!

Keywords for the new moon

⭐ Creativity

⭐ Communication

⭐ Enthusiasm

⭐ Passion

⭐ Home

⭐ Opportunity

⭐ Evolution

⭐ Enlightenment

⭐ Soul progression

⭐ Commitment

⭐ Authenticity

On a personal note i am so excited when i see a conjunction like this with a fixed star of such importance. I have spent many hours gazing at Sirius as for me it is a star that has always felt like home. I really do feel that many of us now are coming home to ourselves and finding comfort in knowing who we are and where we have come from. In a fast changing world it can be difficult to find ones feet as so often they are swept away or having the rug pulled in the twists and turns of ever changing events. I find so much hope in this new moon - so much light incoming from the dark. Enjoy this one and really make an effort to sit and be still and feel into it and make firm positive intentions. Supporting crystals i feel can be labradorite, pyrite, quartz and lapis. I have a crystal brew going in the garden cabin for an essence - it just felt the right thing to do!

With much love


the OMC 🌙

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