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New Moon in Gemini - 18 June 2023

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

New Moon in Gemini - The Moon Energy Deck Astrology
New Moon in Gemini June 2023

Hello new moon in Gemini - What do you wish to communicate today! Gemini likes to talk.. and talk! So talk is what we need to do. Communication is the theme! Time to get your fabulous ideas out into the world and start showing people who you are and what you are about! Artistic and spiritual projects in particular are highlighted here so a great time to launch your new innovative you! Square Neptune might have you feeling a bit wobbly but use that to take some time out and really focus on your creative side which will dissipate this niggling worries. Gardening in particular would be a great activity today especially a bit of digging (see below). This will help you ground back to earth (as your head may have been a bit in the sky with all those ideas swirling about). The moon forms a brief trine with the South Node which is a sensitive point - making us pause and going within - listen to your feelings, whisper in your own ear, and follow the direction your heart wishes you to go in. You are being asked to reconsider your path and make huge positive leaps forward to get you back on track and tell the world how wonderful you are! Enjoy.

with love The OMC

MOON GARDENING (n e w m o o n) Fandy a bit of digging deep today? Great time to do it. Delve into the soil and see what secrets it uncovers… Prepare that seed bed for all those fabulous ideas you had throughout the last few days!


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