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New Moon in Pisces 🌚

10 March 2024

Happy New Moon in Pisces and Happy Mothers day too! Well it’s a typical wet day here in Ely as it’s pouring down adding to the watery energy of this rather fishy moon! In fact the Pisces house is a little packed with lots of planets adding to the party… Saturn is still in Pisces completing its journey and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) add its dreamy energy into the mix. Ideal day to pull up a blanket, read a good book or get the journal out and scribble down some future ideas and plans. Just BE today ~ it’s not a DOING day.

Mercury in forming a close conjunction with Neptune helping our ability to receive guidance through meditation today. Creative ideas may flow so write down and process your thoughts. Mercury is also sextile Pluto giving us super sharp focus and insight on a project or theme helping us cut through the nebulous dreamworld of Neptune and hone down our ideas into super realistic goals. Pluto enables our mind to be focused and uncluttered helping bring clarity to our thoughts. Neptune is loosely conjunction the moon Loose conjunction to Neptune bringing in this dreamy quality and helping us tap into our intuition as well as our heart space. It’s a day of having the feels! Be inspired! Optimistic Jupiter is sextiling grumpy old Saturn which could see opportunities and breakthroughs in thinking come your way. Grasp this with both hands and don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Mars is squaring Uranus giving a burst of energy into new things - you may have some wild and wacky thoughts with this one. Drive and determination is key. Really set firm goals as you will be sharp to focus on them. This new moon is sextile to Uranus - planet of unexpected change - you may be wanting to make changes in your life and this should help you focus on that, breaking away from old patterns and setting yourself free from old ingrained ways of doing things - they are stopping growth and we need to expand to move forwards. Focus on the blocks and tear down the walls. Release yourself from a self imposed prison. This is about opening new doors and slamming shut the old. Understand your potential and dream big.

So let’s look at back at our full moon in virgo and see where we are. We were asked to chop wood carry water. This was to push us on our way. So we should really start to see a clear vision of where this is all going. Are you seeing the fruits of your labour - it may not be obvious but look for the subtle changes, be it mindset, clarity etc. Or it maybe we have started to see the light in a particular situation that has changed the way we think and act.

Look for where 20º Pisces falls in your chart and look for that degree around the houses as certain areas in your life will be activated by this. I suggest to look at your personal chart.

The Sabian symbol for the energy of the moon is - Pisces 21° A little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant. [Before the mind gets involved in analysis and formulation of ideas often there is a feeling-sense of what is unfolding. As we bring the mental aspect to bear upon our feelings, then what was single gets polarised and in that moment we opt for this or that. Some opt for hope, some for resignation, some are optimistic and some are fearful. A wise old Chinese oversees the child as she takes comfort and joy from the simple pleasure of a lamb’s cuddliness; this is not trivial, it has huge implications. The child becomes more likely to expect and choose hope and joy because she has been properly trained in the skill by good parenting.] - James Burgess

It’s all about joining up the dots and bringing order to chaos. It’s great to dream but there must be a foundation in which to bring those dreams to fruition. But also remember to see beyond your own limited perception of your potential. You may surprise yourself with just how far you can go!

With much love



Cards used: The Moon Energy Deck - available in my Etsy store - see bio or about.

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