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New Moon in Virgo

15 September 2023 Floating in the heavenly waters.

New Moon falls this week in the tidy organised sign of Virgo at 21º forming a strong trine with Uranus which is in retrograde at 22º Taurus. Uranus likes change and with all the retrograde planets we have been through recently you may notice that you yourself have changed in many ways. In who you are , what you do and the way you do things. We have had a lot of time to reflect and make waves in our world to create positive forward movement by standing still for a while and contemplating the greater meaning of what we are here for.

Pluto (still retrograde in Capricorn) is also in the mix as it trines both the Moon and Uranus creating what is known as a Grand Earth Trine. (Virgo (Moon), Capricorn (Pluto), Taurus (Uranus). This is learning our lessons that have come from previous and now gaining rewards from our hard toil. Congratulate yourself on all your hard work these previous trying months - it was so worth it. You got this!

It’s not quite the time to go forging ahead yet though as we still have 6 planets in retrograde, however Mercury is now still (hurrah!) and biding it’s time to move forward again. And so should we.

With Venus square Jupiter we could be inclined to run headstrong into new areas but slow it down and wait a while. It’s not all about you but also the impact tat you have on others around you. Make sure your future plans benefit yourself and others too and not be self centred. The retrograde planets have made us look at our previous mistakes and correct the errors that have held us back previously. Decisions made now will be more empowering than previous, we just need to think and not be rash. Virgo loves organisation so dot the i’s and cross the t’s! This is a time to get it right in order and manifest your dreams before we move into the full supermoon on 28 September in fiery Aries and then eclipse season.

By now you will have weighed up the options, toyed with the wild and brought together your ideas. You are inspired, renewed, refreshed, unburdened and ready to face the upcoming opportunities presented to you with a wiser, stronger and more positive outlook.

with love The OMC

MOON GARDENING (n e w m o o n) Get the planning board out. Get ready to plant bulbs, colour coordinate them. Think of how the garden will look in early spring. Tubs and containers can be planted up ready to bloom next year in a show stopping riot of colour.

Image credit: @Tito_Merello

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