summer solstice - walking through the energy portal

The Sumer solstice ~ one of my highlights of the year! I find this an energetic gateway that we walk through, enabling us to create focus on the next few months, laying foundations for the future. It was an honour again to be able to attend the solstice gong bath on Old Hunstanton beach in Norfolk ( a favourite soul place of mine). Hosted by Emrys at Spiritual Flow it was an out of-this-world experience to bathe in the warmth of the setting sun and let the sound of the gong wash over you - if you ever do get the chance to go ... DO!

The solstice is a special time of year for us all, and this year I would say especially so. There is much confusion in the world right now and this filters down into our everyday lives as we try to navigate our daily path in an ever-changing and new environment. I have spoken to many recently who have felt intense energies creating pain, lethargy, confusion and lack of direction. For many the get-up-and-go has been absent. I will admit I have suffered this myself as I struggle to adapt into a new me.

The last few years have called us to change... and change deeply. By looking within and realising who we are and why we are here. Discovering that we are multi-faceted beings who ARE able to adapt, who ARE able to take on many things and ARE able to change and become that which we wish to be. Life is a journey of discovery and it's not all plain sailing. We must ride the choppy waves in order to enjoy and reach the calm of the beautiful blue waters of tranquility. Then just as we think we are there ~ a tidal wave of great strength takes us off our feet and upends our world again! It is a game of life in which we are the main player. But each time we are knocked over we gain in strength and focus and are piloting our craft into new un-chartered waters ~ our inner soul compass becomes our navigational guide. The excitement of this is what feeds our soul! Onwards into the unknown. (If we knew the ending we would not bother to read the book!).

So there has been much change this year and alongside it comes the old frustration which now has turned into realisation and a different perspective. As unfinished projects sit waiting for my attention, (and yes that is a new deck before you ask (or two!)) other things need to be done. The old me would be irritated but the new me is learning to accept that everything has a time and space of it's own and must be dealt with as and when it's right to be. The ideas haven't gone - they were an outpouring of creativity which just needed to be written down and stored for the moment until the next phase was ready to continue.. and actually it's not quite yet. And that is OK!

However one thing I have learned and the way I choose to live now that there is time for all of this. Some of these ideas may never come to fruition ~ they were just stages of learning. Others ideas I have come back to - for example I have picked up my garden design course after two years of it gathering dust on the bookshelf. The time it makes sense - two years ago it overwhelmed me... Talking of bookshelves ~ time to overhaul that too! It's actually an interesting exercise to go through what you have and see how much you have changed ~ interests change and so does the sophistication of your language ~ and you will find many books sitting there that no longer are aligned with your purpose. You tried them but it was not you. All part of the school of life! We are here to explore. SO let them go and let others have them whose path they may align with instead.

Clearing out the old to make way for the new. It's a theme we hear so much! It's ongoing though as we twist and change and adapt and start to fall into who we are. I never see an abandoned project or task as a failure - it is part of our explorative journey where we discover whether something is for us or not!

So back to the solstice as I meandered a bit off the path there... the energy of the height of summer is to me a portal of potential. Inviting us to walk into our greatness. Leaving behind the struggle and moving forward with curiosity and grace. Learning to embrace mistakes and forgive ourselves for making them. Acknowledging that we are multi dimensional and complex souls and channeling our inner child to view the world from a point of wonder rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of the times we live in. I would like to thank my dear friend and photographer Veronica (Veronica in the Fens) for capturing me in such a beautiful moment ~ my inner child yearning to reach the edge of the sea to discover what new journeys lie in front of me. Capturing the essence of the moment and the essence of me. Onwards now to enjoy the summer months ~ months of creativity and activity ~ harnessing the energy of the sun to invigorate our souls and inspire our minds until we begin to slow down again to contemplate this time around the winter solstice months.

Enjoy the summer sun ~ embrace who you are and remember that you are here to learn and explore. Be open and honest and forgiving. Above all else be grateful that you are here to experience this magnificent journey of life on Earth.

with much love



Old Hunstanton Beach gong bath on 21 June 2022 Summer Solstice.

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