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Virgo Season Aug 23 - Sep 22

Hello Virgo season and happy birthday month to all you lovely Virgos out there

Sorry I am a day late - Leo was still being a bit hectic!!!

SO Virgo - time to slow it down a bit. It’s a bit like that back to school energy with new pencils and pens and ring binders all ready to file things and put everything in order. Time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Ready to start again after our summer break. Let's get down to serious business.

Virgo asks us to really look in detail (almost microscopic) at what we are doing, where we are doing it and how. Time to take stock and scrutinise. Clean house - physically and emotionally. Get things in order, home, work, unfinished projects (note to myself here!). Get the finances in order and file the paperwork.

Health too is a priority. This is moving from the hazy fun-filled summer days to slower mellower autumn as we prepare for the winter. Did you get enough time outdoors to stock up on vitamins, did you adopt good eating practise or does that need to be reviewed??? Boosting your immune system in readiness for winter is something to start thinking about now. Do you have good routines in place or are we still in hectic Leo mode slipping in a few summer ice creams every now and again! Are the cupboards stocked with the right food?

Combined with retrograde energy - there’s a lot of planets in retrograde at the moment including our favourite Mercury - this really is a time to slow down, take stock and reassess. This is not the time to forge ahead with new plans and ideas - the energy does not support this. Use this season wisely to plan, think and be still and by the end of it you’ll be better prepared, better organised and better equipped to tackle whatever it is that you wish to do!

with love The OMC

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