When mercury retrograde is your friend

Oh my god it’s Mercury Retrograde! Yep here we are again - the memes are up and everyone is cowering at their computer screens waiting for the ultimate crash and lost files.

However what if we looked at Mercury retrograding in a different light and used it to our advantage?

Firstly - what is a retrograde?

Basically a planet (all planets retrograde not just Mercury!) is appearing to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth. It doesn’t actually go back though - it just slows down - and that’s the key!

So why are we fixated on Mercury?

Because Mercury is the planet of communication and things can literally get lost in translation. We live in a world that operates at warp speed - everything is NOW NOW. We are used to pinging emails back and forth, we are used to instant shopping, we are used to making split second decisions as that’s just the way our life is now.

The Pre-shadow phase

In a pre-shadow phase a planet is starting to slow down. Here is where little niggly problems may start to appear in our life - obstacles, negative thinking, doomsaying! Where am I going - how do I achieve this - oh my I can’t see my way out of this. Panic sets in and we can go into a state of overwhelm. Have you heard the phrase ‘can’t see the wood from the trees’? Well that’s it!

In the Shadow (Retrograde Phase)

We meet that panic, we recognise it and we take time to deal with it. Ask yourself why is this happening - what set you into panic and is there anything truthfully you can do about it. Why worry about things that are out of our control… Have we overlooked something that could be a potential solution. Go back and re-explore. There may be a shining nugget lying on the floor that you stepped over in your haste to reach the next goal!

The Post-shadow phase

OK so we navigated the pause and we found out our triggers and deepest concerns. Now the planet speeds up a little and we try and catch our breath and catch up back in to the normal speed of life. But we have learnt. We had time to go in and fix little cogs that weren’t quite spinning properly. We moved a few boulders out the way, resolved some problems and basically cleared that path that we walk forward on.

So how do we navigate this?

It’s easy - slow down, pause - take a breath and think before you leap. Make conscious decisions. Listen your heart and not your head. Pay attention to what you do - is it right - did you read that properly - did you write that email in the tone that you wished to come across? We are constantly on the go - pushing forward - driving ahead - but where are our eyes looking??? Do you see what’s under your nose or were you too busy dreaming about the future ahead. Be present, be in the now. We are just being asked to slow it down and look at the consequences of our decisions. Analyse where you are now and where you want to be. Are you stopping yourself from moving forward - are others? Time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Be analytical, be a ‘thinker’ and not so much a ‘doer’ in this period. It’s a great time to to take stock and you will find that once you come out of the other side things will seem clearer and more focused and your light will shine even brighter than before.


May 10 - Mercury starts to shadow in Gemini, and will then move into Taurus on May 22. It will finally emerge from the shadow on June 3.

Enjoy the ride!

with much love


[designer | dreamer | moon gazer | illuminated soul]

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