AIR (as above) Meditation Mist will help you connect with your higher self. This is a meditation mist that opens your channel of connectivity with the element of air. Enhance your creativity and allow messages from the divine to be channelled through you..


By clearing your energetic field - you allow room for new and positive experiences to come into your life. Clearing your energy on a regular basis is good practice for keeping in alignment with yourself and your higher purpose. 


An uplifting blend of, rosemary, bergamot and siberian fir infused with an amphibole quartz, tektite and gold sheen obsidian crystal essence that was created under the light of the full moon. With additional flower essence blend of myrtle and hawthorn I create in a tibetan singing bowl attuned to the frequency of the zeal chakra (The Well of Dreams). 




AIR Meditation Mist 30ml

  • An energy spray is made to be used in your auric field. It is not for spraying directly onto skin and it is certainly not to be ingested.

    Take a deep breath. Still your mind. 
    Spray a few pumps around your head and body and recite the MANTRA/INTENTION: 'I release all energy that does not serve my higher purpose and I clear my energetic field to be able to allow positive energy and experiences to easily flow my way.'