Work with the phases of the moon - a journey through the lunar year. 


The sun watches
what I do,
but the moon knows
all my secrets.
~ Jm Wonderland 


So very excited to announce that the new Moon Energy Deck (revised for 2021) is now available for pre-order!
the MOON ENERGY deck was created to work with the phases of the moon. It was a work in progress for over a year in order to harness and understand each of the moons phases and its corresponding energies. The ultimate deck to capture and work with the energy of the moon. 


What’s in the box:
• moon phase cards
• bonus universal energy cards
• moon in... astrology cards
• planet cards
• asteroid cards
• eclipse energy as well as the solstice, equinox and supermoon.


Now in a fabulous hard case box with linen finish. Cards printed on a satin stock.


Please note this listing is for pre-order. The cards will be printed in April 2021 and hopefully delivered to you buy the end of April/beginning of May 2021. 
Cards are locally printed in the UK by Ivory Graphics to who I am hugely grateful for their continued support and wonderful quality.