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asteroids - The Goddess Fortuna

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Fortuna asteroid - The Moon Energy Deck
Asteroids in Astrology - Goddess Fortuna

Little did I know that when I first embarked on creating the MOON ENERGY DECK back in 2017 (very first edition) that I would end up deep diving into the world of the stars and astrology 6 years later! Always a fascination ~ now a passion…

Whilst drawing a card from my current deck I pulled Fortuna and did a little research. Now how interesting is she… Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune and of fate, and she is asteroid number 19 in the celestial chart. Fortuna represents the wheel of fortune, and June 24 is her special day, called Fors Fortuna - strange as it was the 24th yesterday and that’s the card that came out! Random is interesting eh? Obviously I needed to learn this lesson!

Fortuna in our chart can show us where our fortunes lie - not just personally but also on a collective scale. So a quick look at the collective chart revealed something rather interesting. Fortuna is currently residing at 28º 56’ in the sign of Scorpio (this can rule over global financial markets) and the last time she was there was November 2018 - October 2019 in which we saw a the big market crash… so she certainly changed many people fortunes then and if we look at our current situation her placement in Scorpio now does seem to be making an impact!

In the tarot deck she would be regarded as ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ and spins either in your favour or out. She was traditionally associated with the sea ~ classical images of her portray her with an oar or rudder in one hand and a cornucopia in another which symbolises success. So we can take from this that Fortuna steers us through the rocky waves on a random journey of fate and fortune. Sometimes the water is smooth and plain sailing and other times it is rough and tricky to navigate. So high and low points in our life (without the low we would not appreciate the high - there’s the lesson).

In 2020 she moved into the sign of Capricorn - dealing with top end government and structure and things certainly did change then as we all know. For current times she moved back into Scorpio on 19 June and remains there until 18 August. She does go retrograde on 1 July until 17 July so might be an idea to be a little careful with your cash and refrain from big spending at this time. She then moves into Sagittarius on 17 August which may help ease restrictions somewhat as Sagittarius cannot be in restriction and loves its freedom. It’s an action sign of positive forward movement gaining momentum in everything it does. So will be interesting to see what happens next.

On a personal level it is interesting to find Fortuna in your chart and see what lessons you can learn from her placement. NOTE this is not about your SUN sign but where Fortuna the astroid itself sits in your natal chart.

Fortuna in FIRE signs - ARIES | SAGITTARIUS | LEO we may have a bit of a ‘gung-ho’ attitude to money and luck and be overly risk taking in our approach which will either pay off or not - lessons to be learnt in a little caution there maybe!

Fortuna in EARTH signs - TAURUS | VIRGO | CAPRICORN on the other hand may exercise too much caution and so need to take charge of their destiny and think outside the box.

Fortuna in WATER signs - PISCES | CANCER | SCORPIO - may depend too much on hunches and intuition and need to apply logical thinking and research to decision making.

Fortune in AIR signs - AQUARIUS | LIBRA | GEMINI - we tale the intellectual approach and over analyse when in fact we do need to listen to our intuition and gut feeling!

For example

You can find your own Fortuna placement in your chart by going to > charts and calculations > extended chart selection and manually add asteroid number 19 in the bottom box.

My MOON ENERGY DECK is available in the shop.

with love as always and happy chart exploring

The OMC 🌙🦁

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