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Hello Pisces season

Happy birthday month to all the lovely Pisces people out there.

Today the sun moves into the watery sign of Pisces, ruled by Neptune and the natural ruler of our twelfth house - that of the hidden, the unknown and the nebulous. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions it shows us how we have one place in the three dimension and another out (one foot in and one foot out) into the spiritual unknown realm. Hovering between two worlds the conscious and the subconscious Pisces asks up to look deep and go within to listen to our heart and our intuition and follow this through in the physical world that we live in. 

We all have a twelfth house in our chart - it symbolises our spirituality and our hidden gifts.  When Pisces season comes around we are asked to look at our inner desires and figure out how to manifest those in everyday life. If you think of the season - we are approaching spring - new shoots are peeking through the soil, new growth, new inspiration, new beginnings. The twelfth house is an ‘ending’ ready for that new beginning. It is a time of letting go of old ways and behaviour patterns and formulating ways in which to move forward by letting go. It is also the house of Karma. We need to end our karmic cycles and transmute all that no longer serves. By the time reach Aries (first house) we are ready to start again fresh and new.

So we need to swim through our emotions and feel into them, don’t get swept away in the tide but gently meander in the flow and be soothed by the bobbing waves. There is no drama here to contend with - it really is simply about a process of letting go. Tap into your navigational compass - you honestly do know where you want to go but it can all get lost in the incessant chatter and noise of the world. Be calm and at peace for it is there we find our solace. Pay attention to your dreams - they may be significant. You may find unconscious fears rising to the surface through dreamtime - things you thought may have gone but actually are still there tucked away in the subconscious mind. These are being brought to light to be dealt with and for closure to be cast out of the shadow…

Full moon in Virgo (opposite Pisces)  on the 24th Feb brings a spring clean feel to the table. By introspection we have learned about our hidden emotion and now we can process them under the full moon and release. With Pisces and Virgo on opposite ends of the spectrum we enter a blend of the two to try and create a harmonious balance with dreaminess versus order. Virgo is of the world and Pisces is of the otherworld. There is a New Moon in Pisces on March 10 to heighten this sensitivity and charge that new start we have been yearning for. We also have Venus entering Pisces on the 11th joining Neptune who is already there in his home and then Mars will bring action to the Piscean house on the 22nd as we move into Aries season.

Big month - lots going on. Huge year!

Do check your transits of the twelfth house ( and see what planets are peeking into your subconscious mind. It will give you a theme and flavour for the coming month and help you understand the areas that are being specifically highlighted in your life.

Remember that each sign has a low and high vibration - an opposing push and pull. By recognising those traits in our own behaviour we can raise our vibration and move ourselves away from our own undoing (huge theme of the twelfth house). For Pisces we can raise with the connection to the divine and our higher self but we can also be lost in a dreamworld of unrealistic expectation. Work with your desires and make sure you tap into the alter Virgo earth energy to ground those dreams and set solid footings. At the end of the day Pisces season is about creating magic - but make sure it’s the magic that makes dreams come true!

With much love



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