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Leo Season

Hello Leo 🦁 season and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all you lovely shiny Leo people out there! Depending on where you are today you might have to imagine the sun as it seems to have disappeared behind the clouds and rain but REALLY - it's Leo time - embrace the power of the sun ☀️ (it's still there!)

Leo gives us power and courage to go forward boldly. It likes to be in the spotlight. It inspires us and invigorates us and creates change and drive to chase our dreams and realise them!

Check your house transits for where Leo is passing you by - your may get a lovely surprise and find energies of change where it shines it’s light. You can do this on > chart drawing, ascendant > + with transits.

Leo sun transit first house - the house of self. A new personal cycle awaits. You may find your confidence is heightened and you approach the world with a new burst of vitality. The sun is shining on you personally! Be brave and be bold but not dramatic!

Leo sun transit second house - material affairs are highlighted here - shining a light on money and finance it may boost your income in dynamic ways but also (note of warning) may highlight ways in which you spend too much or need to cut back. Remember this is about funding your dreams so reorganise and make sure your income is being used wisely!

Leo sun transit third house - communications are highlighted here - you are good at expressing your ideas right now so get talking to people especially your nearest and dearest and try out your ideas! New connections may be made through some form of communication - social media etc. Get posting your amazing thoughts - people will listen as they find you charismatic and engaging.

Leo sun transit fourth house - home is spotlighted here. You might be rearranging your home, redecorating or even moving. A great transit to get the comforts sorted and feel safe and secure in your own private space. Make your home welcoming and get ready to open your doors!

Leo sun transit fifth house - creativity is key. You are full to bursting with creative energy so pour yourself into those projects and express who you are! You will be feeling playful in energy as this is the house of children and play - so nurture your inner child and have some fun! You are feeling dynamic now so be bold!

Leo sun transit sixth house - health, work and routines are the focus. Taking up a new sport, rearranging the diary and reorganising your life are key to focusing your active mind. Get organised and get committed!

Leo sun transit seventh house - relationships are the deal here. One-to-one social relationships are highlighted. Try not to hide away as it’s your time to shine with others. Enjoy the company of good close friends and partners. You may find you are rather popular all of a sudden! Try not to talk over others though as you may get a bit over excitable!

Leo sun transit eight house - change change change… are you happy in yourself - if not time to turn up the volume and change things around. Reassess your goals and make sure that all aspects of your life are in tune with your desires. This is the house of rebirth and renewal and also finances (other peoples). Make sure you are up to date on any bills and maybe set a budget to make sure you are on track - do your admin. You can attract financial abundance with this transit with your confident approach to money.

Leo sun transit ninth house - travel may be on your mind - whether physical or spiritual. Time to take a journey into the realms. Expand your horizons through seeing new places or taking up a new style of learning. Find new ways of expressing yourself and opening your horizons. You may find others look to you for inspiration and mentoring.

Leo sun transit tenth house - career is highlighted here. You may be recognised at work for something you have achieved. The outer world is looking at you. Enjoy it and be proud for you have deserved it.

Leo sun transit eleventh house - friends and groups are shining. You become the social butterfly. New friends and associates may come into your life and your circle may expand. This is stimulating and fun and may open doors that you never knew were there. Exciting times. You are in the public eye!

Leo sun transit twelfth house - the twelfth is the hidden house so this is a time to pull back a bit from the general spotlight and shine that light inwards on you. Take time out for yourself and recharge your batteries with all that lovely personal sun energy that’s streaming right towards you. Be retrospective and by the end of the transit you with be rejuvenated and ready to roar!

with love

The OMC 🌙🦁

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