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New Moon in Sagittarius 12/12

Hello to the final 🌚 New Moon of 2023 on a 12/12 portal day!

New moon in Sagittarius asks us to look at our dreams and make them come alive. Reassess your goals and go deep inside to see the bigger picture. Trine the North Node (in Aries) there is a lot of fire in this moon propelling us forward and waving goodbye to past mistakes and misshapen ideas. The 12/12 portal is a powerful time to look at our life goals. With Mercury about to turn retrograde in realistic and earthy Capricorn tomorrow this is an excellent time to organise our thoughts and to start laying solid foundations for our future self.

Sagittarius is optimistic (ruled by jovial Jupiter) and wishes us to open up our horizons and dream big. Aim for the stars and create your dreams - watch them come alive as you find an inner depth to achieve what and where you want to be in life. It’s time to look ahead and plan accordingly - you are the master of your own creation. Maybe we have held ourselves back with limiting beliefs but the archer wishes us to think big and aim our bow just that bit higher as we can achieve more than we think! 🏹

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

There is a lovely alignment with Fixed star Atria at 20º Sagittarius (in the constellation of Triangulum Australis) where this new moon lies. Atria asks us to be truthful with ourselves, ruling architecture - so building strong foundations for the future. This is a very fortunate and optimistic star adding to the enthusiasm already abounding.

Uranus forms a quincunx with the sun and moon giving a window of opportunity. Open your mind and you will open your horizons. There is so much available to you know if you expand your dreams just that bit bigger. You can get what you want and you can work solidly towards achieving that goal. Mars is still hovering near the sun adding that extra boost of energy, grit and determination. You can do this!

What a new moon to go out on! As we move into the festive season it’s a time to be jovial (Jupiter) and optimistic in approach as coming up for the New Year. Bear in mind that next year is an 8 year [2+0+2+4=8]. 8 adds extra OOMPH to an already heightened portal. So get manifesting tonight - you may just create something magical!

As an extra gift I am offering a 15% new moon discount in my Etsy shop. Code: NEWMOON15.

With love and gratitude as always


The OMC 🌙

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