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Work with the phases of the moon 🌕 - a journey through the lunar year. 

The sun watches
what I do,
but the moon knows
all my secrets.

~ Jm Wonderland 

the MOON ENERGY deck was created to work with the phases of the moon. It was a work in progress for over a year in order to harness and understand each of the moons phases and its corresponding energies. The ultimate deck to capture and work with the energy of the moon. 

Go on a galactic journey through the cosmos. Explore the moon as it transits our earth and how it affects our personal wellbeing. Use the deck as an aid to learning to live in harmony with the universe. Understand the energy of the planets and the asteroids and how they can influence our day-to-day life. Explore the elements and utilise the bonus universal energy cards that include shooting stars, comets and planetary alignments. This deck is a great tool for understanding the cosmos that we live in and how it influences who we are. It can be used as a daily, weekly or monthly guide and also gives you an insight into entry level astrology.

What’s in the box:
• moon phase cards
• bonus universal energy cards
• moon in signs... astrology cards
• planet cards
• asteroid cards
• eclipse energy as well as the solstice, equinox and super moon.


*This listing includes the printed guide book. If you wish to purchase a copy of the deck without the printed book and receive a pdf copy instead - please see the other listings.

The MOON ENERGY Deck 67 Card Oracle with printed guidebook

  • Presented in a fabulous hard case box with linen finish - Eco friendly! Cards are printed on a satin stock - size 88mm x 126mm. The printed guidebook is included with this bundle and is also printed on a satin stock with linen finish cover (please note the guidebook does not fit in the card box and is separate).

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