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A Journey of Self Discovery - 67 card oracle deck

These cards will guide and help your spiritual journey as they communicate on a soul level. They will take you on path of your own and give you daily guidance as you navigate the twists and turns that are put in your way. Write the chapters of your own book and be the master of your story. THE PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL- A Journey of Discovery was created as I went through my own spiritual journey of awakening. I was guided to share it as a tool to help others on their own paths. Each day as I walked my path - the cards were channelled. What was produced became an essential tool in progressing that development. I still use them daily today. I hope you will too. What was born then was a deck of cards that were a tool to guide into the light. A deck created to help explore the shadow path. A deck that brings you towards a state of heightened awareness and Illumination. Life is a journey for us all ~ We are all on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and the cards are a guide and aid to self development as you progress along your soul path. From my heart to yours I give you THE PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL - A Journey of Discovery.

The PATH OF THE ILLUMINATED SOUL - a journey of self discovery

A 67 card oracle deck.
Walk the path of the Illuminated Soul on a journey of self discovery.

What you get:
• 67 card deck in a hard case box
• pdf guidebook download (the link is on a card included in your package - message me with any problems).

The Path of the Iluminated Soul 67 card Oracle Deck with PDF guidebook

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Presented in a fabulous hard case box with linen finish - Eco friendly! Cards are printed on a satin stock - size 105mm x 147mm. The printed guidebook is included with this bundle and is also printed on a satin stock with linen finish cover (please note this version comes with a pdf guidebook that will be emailed to you after purchase).

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