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9 through 20 October 2023

The Sun and Mercury meet today as Mercury crosses over the sun becoming a morning star in the sign of Libra.

Cazimi means ‘The heart of the sun’ and happens when a planet crosses through the path of the sun creating a beautiful moment of symmetry and alignment. This can be magical and auspicious. As Mercury goes through the Sun it transforms from being an Evening Star and emerges the other side as a Morning Star. You could see this as a symbol of rebirth.

Mercury is our god of communication (the winged messenger). You may find important discussions or communications happening through these last few days and into the weekend. Mercury will pass the sun and then form a square to Pluto - now Pluto rules our deep subconscious so we may be looking at some of this conversations and examining them in depth before moving forward and actioning them. They may trigger deep subconscious desires and wishes or even trigger deep fears. However, remember this is all about steering us in the right direction and making informed choices going forward. Read between the lines and make sure you have those clear boundaries in place.

As it crosses the Sun, Mercury is also crossing the South Node of the moon - a reset - of things that we are moving away from. This could give new insights into ways of working, being, living, communicating. It then forms a square to Pluto on Saturday so it’s digging deep to get to the real root core and finding better ways of doing. It’s actually rather magical and energising our very essence of being. So it may be there have been difficult situations in the lead up to this, but actually it’s causing much to surface and be confronted and dealt with. Being in the sign of Libra it’s dealing with justice and fairness. Maybe things just haven’t seemed right recently and the balance of power has not been in your favour. BUT we need to look at that and discover why that has been and find ways to STOP that happening again. You are being asked to stand in your power and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH, not just to others but also to yourself. Are you being realistic in your ideals and goals or have you overstretched the mark and need to be more realistic rather than idealistic? What needs to be said whether to you or to another is the truth. And for some that truth will hurt but is NECESSARY to make the right choices. It’s all down to discernment and plain hard talking. Once we get to the bottom of the issue by delving deep (Pluto) we are shown a new way and new light and come out the other side with energy, positivity and a clear way forward on the smooth path and not crossing the rocky boulders.

Enjoy the transit. It’s positive stuff - just might not feel like it at the moment!

For a clearer idea of where this Cazimi may affect you check what house Libra falls in your chart and it will show you what area of your life is being highlighted right now. (Go to to get a free birth chart drawing)

with love The OMC

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