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Solar Eclipse in Libra

Happy Saturday and solar eclipse day!

Today the sun and moon meet in a beautiful ring of fire!

Totality time is around 18:55pm. BST. Worth watching the live stream online to see it across the USA.

Set in the balanced sign of Libra this moment of totality asks us to look at our relationship with self (Aries) in comparison to relationship with others (Libra) and find a harmonious balance in-between the two. Sitting aside the nodal axis Aries and Libra are the opposite sides of the zodiac and serve as ends of the spectrum in which we need to find the middle ground. Do we serve our own needs well or do we serve others more. The key is finding balance. Remember we cannot give from an empty cup…

Aligning with the nodes this eclipse is burning away the old. New doors will open but only when we clear away the clutter… of our hearts, minds and space. Emotions may run high, things may be said that cut to the core… but maybe it is needed to clear the air.

Note also that this new moon conjuncts Mercury - the winged messenger who asks us to look at not just our external dialogue but also our inner. Be kind to yourself as well as others. Look at what triggers you and examine how that can be worked with and changed rationally.

Elsewhere in the sky Mars is making a trine with Saturn. Saturn likes order but Mars likes action. The energy of these two together will help us to be disciplined in our drive to forge ahead. Pluto is loosening its square with Mars - we have dug deep and unearthed so much. Think, wait, listen and plan. Consolidate everything past and clear the decks to go forward.

I always find an eclipse to be energising, cleansing, purifying in a way. It’s like a spring clean in the house where we dust off the cobwebs, open the windows, let the fresh air in and clear the space (physically and energetically). When we create space we create new opportunities. These could be in many areas be it relationship, career or project. Whatever is coming welcome the change.

With every ending… comes a new beginning…

with love The OMC

MOON GARDENING (n e w m o o n) tidy | sweep | put things away | clean the bird feeders | do odd jobs | wash the gardening gloves | clean the chairs | rake leaves (but don’t collect - leave for hedgehogs and insects) | dig a patch in the allotment or veg garden (it’s almost time to start sowing broad beans/peas to overwinter). Get ready for winter veg.

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