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Supermoon BLUE MOON in Pisces Aug 31 2023

Closing the cycle
Full Supermoon BLUE MOON in Pisces

31 August 02.36 BST

Sun in Virgo, moon in Pisces, Saturn conjunct the moon, moon opposite Lilith.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

As the full blue supermoon enters watery pisces it illuminates our dreams and asks us to reflect on what and where it is that we want. Are we dreaming our life away or are we creating something tangible to work towards. Pisces is ruled by dreamy and somewhat nebulous Neptune who can be rather delusional at times. Time to really look at what we are doing and what we believe and make sure we are not in Lala land!

Old man Saturn wants us to really focus - he is currently retrograde in Pisces at 3º and bringing closure to karmic cycles. His grounding influence stops us from dreaming our life away and gets to the bare bones and root of the cause. Is there serious structure in place, are you setting yourself the impossible or have you put in the foundations stones to create your wish, Without foundations - towers crumble. Stop creating cycles of personal karma and start dreaming and creating your way out of it. Let go of old patterns and habits. Create healthy new ones. Open up your intuition and follow your highest path without distraction from earthbound materialistic ideals. When Saturn is retrograde he means business. Really reflect on what needs to change and make the necessary steps to change it before he does it for you - it’s gentler that way! Remember also we currently have 7 planets in retrograde - have to taken notice yet??? REflect, REvisit, REinvigorate, REconsider, REevaluate, REalise, REinvent.

As the final sign in the zodiac Pisces is a sign of completion of a cycle. Discard the unrealistic and start to get real. Stop living in fantasy land and use the earthy quality of grounded and organised sun in Virgo to set serious steps in place to achieve realistic and sustainable momentum. Pisces rules the feet and Virgo is mutable earth. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot outside in order to soak in the energy and invoke the power of this beautiful full supermoon.

Fixed Star Fomalhaut (one of the four royal stars of Persia) is also sitting at 4º Pisces and adding a little of his influence offering deep wisdom and intuition. However he can exaggerate situations so be careful to not let emotions run out of control and keep them in check.

Lilith is also making a star appearance in opposition to the moon. She asks you to choose the best route forward for your soul. She wants you to be goddess not a sleeping princess now. Get down to basics, get to the root, get in touch with your inner needs and longings, take control and get on with it!

Just a note about a blue moon - it’s not blue! But it is rare. It is known as a blue moon as is the second full moon in a month. The first we had this August was in Aquarius and now we culminate the month (and the summer) with Pisces. This is also the 3rd of 4 super moons this year in a row. This moon though is the closest and largest supermoon of the year giving it tremendous power to transform.

Expect to shift old ways of thinking, break old cycles, revisit and reinvent patterns and most of all create new ideals and beginnings based on tangible solid structures that will pave the way ahead for a more clearer and realistic path forward. Expect change and embrace it. This year has been an amazing time for exceptional soul growth and it hasn’t stopped yet.

with love


MOON GARDENING (f u l l m o o n)

Take your shoes off, wander round the garden, feel the grass beneath your feet. Prepare, cultivate and plan. Don’t sow the seeds now - they won’t grow strong but lay them out and select wisely those that you really wish to plant and wait… and ponder and make sure you are planting something that will create the garden of your dreams.

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