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February 28th 2024

Triple conjunction - Mercury and Saturn Cazimi the sun!

Today the sky aligns in a beautiful double Cazimi with the triple conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and the Sun in 09º Pisces.

A Cazimi is when a planet meets the sun in perfect alignment. The word “cazimi” is derived from an Arabic phrase meaning ‘in the heart of the Sun’.

This is a magical moment - a golden window of opportunity. Think of Mercury - the messenger - whizzing around the system collecting information on its journey as it visits all the planets and then returns to deliver back to the sun its vital messages and then continues its journey onward in search of more. Mercury has gathered so much wisdom from his orbit of the planets - touching each on his journey of learning. Through this new found wisdom he delivers a message of the journey that we have personally been on - that which is our conciousness and the narrative we have built for ourselves. Mercury communicates what he has found in our deep subconscious and gives it to the sun to illuminate it and shine light on what has been and what can be. This is about helping align us to our dreams. Creating a reality of our vision and inspiring and illuminating the ways in which we need to change in order to drive forward. 

Saturn is also moving slowly past the sun. His words are deeper as his journey has been longer. He has delved deep into the depths and discovered so much more that we wanted to know! For Saturn is a teacher - strict and sometimes unwielding in his lessons. His journey through Pisces has shown our dreams - his strict discipline is there teach us how to achieve them through harsh lessons designed to wake us from a nebulous slumber and focus our attention on the here and now and take our heads out of the future and into the present situation. His message to the sun is that of order and structure, so blended with our dreams and our passions he sets a tone of grounded reality of how to achieve them. 

What do we need to focus on now? What new insights have we learned over the previous months? Mercury went Cazimi back in October 23 when it moved from the evening star to the morning star in balanced Libra. Maybe his mission was to find the key to creating balance in our life and that is the important message that he relays to the Sun and Saturn. He has found out what we need to do in order to create focus in order to build a foundation for our dreams and aspirations. Energy is brought into form. Metaphysical into the physical. Thoughts into reality. Dreams into solid goals. 

Cazimi is a spell. It’s magic. Learn from it and use it wisely. This is a poignant moment in time that will move us up a level and help us commit to our highest potential. Look into your heart and that is where your hopes and dreams reside. Then think and plan and reach out to your inner critic - silence it - you have every opportunity now to go forward with confidence and a renewed sense of self empowerment. You just need to have patience, intention, focus, commitment and faith. No forging blindly ahead, but instead use small, planned and considered steps to get towards those long term goals. 

One step at a time. Slowly wins the race. (Remember the tortoise).

With much love


The OMC🌙

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