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Hello Taurus Season

Happy Birthday month to all you lovely Taurus people out there. 

Apologies for my lateness - it’s been a busy month! The last eclipse knocked me with flu (it happened direct on my Chiron - talk about a purge) followed by an influx of work (Mars steaming through my 10th - which I will not complain about!). What a rollercoaster!

So hello Taurus!

…and so this month we come back down to earth with a bump as we ground into Taurus Season. Taurus represents our stability, our grounding, our real world. Being a fixed sign this is slower than the fast moving fiery Aries season. We have concentrated on our wants and needs and asserted our place - planted a seed and formulated ideas. We have discovered our personal needs and desires so now it’s how do we take that and use it to create a long lasting future to reflect that. This is time to commit to ourselves and the promises we have made. Find ways to slowly edge towards our dreams by building firm foundations. Invest in yourself and take time to be and feel into what it is that you want.

Taurus rules the second house and is ruled by the planet Venus. So even though we see the sign of the bull there is a beautiful feminine aspect to this sign that looks at our Venusian dream. The second is a representative of finance and income and of our value. What it is that we value and how we earn the money to create that. SO this really is a month of serious grounding down to reality and assessing the finances and also going through your possessions and being what still resonates and what doesn’t. I do find Taurus season to be a great time to spring clean and have a big sort out as it really does separate the toot from the gold!!!

Taurus is a busy house this month. The Uranus Jupiter conjunction has happened over the weekend. This is a big transit and one that can bring blessings to whatever aspect of your life it falls in (do check your house placements). Uranus is eccentric and represents change and Jupiter expands whatever we touch. I know there have been a lot of posts about this so I won’t go into detail. However what I will say is that this is a cycle and the conjunction is not something that is an instant manifestation but rather a seed planting time that will grow over the coming years - it represents a new chapter in your life - one that will expand and grow and become more interesting the more you move through the book. Be open to change and unexpected twists. Jupiter Uranus touch base roughly every 14 years. So it’s really worth looking back at the years of 2010, 1997, 1983 to see what themes were going on in your life and what changes happened then. (For example for me - 2010 the year I went self employed, 1997 the year I finished university, 1983 the year I finished junior school - I can't go back any further as wasn't born then!!!).

In late April through May Venus will be moving into her own sign of Taurus - being the natural planetary ruler of Taurus she feels at home here. This should be a beautiful feel good transit. A great time for manifestation and blessings in all areas of life. She will back up the conjunction by helping you really boost the areas of your life that are sensual, loving, creative and comforting. Relationships, possessions, and artistic projects are all highlighted. Beware though that Venus has expensive taste and Taurus loves its creative comforts so be careful on the finances and try not to over indulge…

With any luck the weather may actually improve as we move through spring and if there is one thing that Taurus loves it’s getting out into nature. Gardens, flowers and long walks all help to ground us and get us back to Mother Nature. It’s a beautiful time to reconnect with the earth and use the grounding energy of Taurus to maybe move our concentration from the possessive side.

Enjoy the month - it’s full of beauty.

With so much love



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