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New Moon 🌚 Total Solar Eclipse in Aries ♈️

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse Day!

What an interesting astrological line up this is. The sun and moon meet in Aries creating the total eclipse over the USA later today. But also when the sun and moon meet it is a time of new moon - so new starts and beginnings which is emphasised even more by being in Aries which is the first astrological sign of the zodiac. Eclipses are like a reset. There’s a lot of planets in the mix with this one so it’s not your average new moon. So we have the sun and moon at 19º 24’ of Aries conjuncting Chiron exact also at 19º 24’ so we have a perfect triple conjunction. We also have Mercury which is currently in retrograde in Aries as well as Venus following up in Aries at 4º not to mention the nodal axis still sits on the Aries Libra point. So huge Aries energies at play.

This eclipse is linked back to the 2017 eclipse at 29º Leo - total solar eclipse over the USA known as the “Great American Eclipse”. If you think of Leo - the themes here was to boldly go forward and now we culminate in Aries which is who am I. So who are you - how have you evolved, what have you done to push yourself forward to be the best version of yourself that you can be. That period of growth has been massive. We have been through a phase of learning, healing and evolving.

Chiron is the big player here. The wounded healer is holding up a mirror for you to look in. Can you see the change? Can you see the progress and can you congratulate yourself on how far you have come. Eclipses bring change and new moons start us afresh. Are you ready to stand in your power and be your authentic self. Reveal who you are and be at one with your eccentricities - your uniqueness. No need to look at others and compare - we are all unique and amazing and that’s what makes us as a collective a beautiful blend of energies all contributing in our own individual ways. Take off the filters and the rose tinted glasses. Be raw. Bear your soul and surrender to the universe. Project who you really are not what you receive to be or what you think you should be. This is a reset. Leave the past in the past - it is done. That version of you is long gone. Through the darkness a new light is sparked. New ideas take shape and new directions await. Remember this is not an instant transformation but a subtle change in energy that will affect us all.

Do check in your personal chart where Aries falls. Which house does it transit as this will be the area of you life that is being affected the most. If you know how to it is also worth checking your solar return chart as this may give a little deeper insight - unpeeling another layer so to speak.

Think of this as a good spring clean. Dusting away the cobwebs and throwing out ‘stuff’ that longer serves a purpose. Clearing space for new energies and ideas. Out with the old and in with the new.

Themes to consider:

🌞 Are you the star in your own life

🌞 Are you in victim mode or do you allow your vulnerabilities to help you move forward

🌞 Have you discovered your unique gift and if so how will you show the world what it is

🌞 Do you honour others gifts - if so your own will be honoured in return

🌞 Do you live with integrity and authenticity

🌞 Do people know who you really are

🌞 Do you know who you really are

🌞 Do you realise your purpose

🌞 Do you know how to follow and achieve that purpose

🌞 Do you surrender to the greatest good and know that what is laid out in front of you is for your highest self

🌞 Do you realise that you are recognised but only by those who need to recognise you - that’s a biggie!

Sabian Symbol: Aries 20 - A young girl feeding birds in winter

By living life through compassion and love we live in our highest octave.

Enjoy the day, enjoy the energies. Life your best and most authentic life and your path will be gently revealed. If you are lucky to be on the eclipse path do go and see it - it’s an amazing experience. If not just feel into it. It is a special eclipse and it will bring change. Great time to journal but I wouldn’t do manifestation as I find eclipse energy can be far too strong. Be gentle and all will be well.

With much love



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