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Blessed Beltane

May is here - finally. The wheel turns another notch. The sun has peeked from a blue sky here today - pic is from my garden - some lovely violets I added to brighten the day. 

It's a big month ahead…

On 2 May Pluto is grinding to a halt for a while in Aquarius and will start its journey back into Capricorn for the last time in our lifetime - a good look at power and how we wield it is highlighted here - this may be collective as well as personal - expect change albeit slow. It may uncover the last buried pieces of your subconsious so be gentle on yourself as you dig deep. This is all about unfinished business - it’s time to wrap up those loose ends and clear the toxic sludge. 

A New moon is approaching in Taurus on the 8th - what a lovely earthy sign to celebrate all that grows anew - planting seeds for an abundant future. The moon is exalted in Taurus - this is a fantastic new moon to set abundant intentions and see them come to fruition. Uranus is conjunct which may bring a surprising twist!

Mercury enters Taurus on May 15 helping to really ground us into the Taurus season before we move on to Gemini. Beware stubbornness in arguments and power struggles as it forms a trine a stationery Pluto! Probably best to stay away from social media discussions as they could turn nasty!

Mars has already moved into its own rulership sign of Aries adding some fire to the month - this should kick start ideas and give us drive and determination to pursue them. It's a real energy burst. A bit of Beltane fire!

The Sun enters Gemini on the 20 May kickstarting the season of communication - we become curious and open and wish to expand our mind. Don’t take on too much as it can cause a confusing overload! (Trust me I’m a Gemini rising - busy busy mind!!!!)

On the 23 we see a fantastic full moon in Sagittarius - now Sagittarius likes to travel be that with the higher mind or through your feet. This is a real go getter sign and will take you our of your comfort zone and surging into the unexpected. For an extra bit of luck and positivity Jupiter (ruler of this moon) will join Venus. Pluto even adds a dash of introspective positivity here for a change making it a deep transformation! Think out of the box x 

Also on the 23rd Venus also joins Jupiter in Gemini. Time to get out of your zone and go meet some friends and have a great time. Summer is coming right! 

On 25 May Jupiter the planet of expansion will move into the magnetic sign of Gemini - highlighting our need to communicate and discover our potential. Quick thinking Gemini is ruled by Mercury so expect heightened ideas and thoughts - plus a boost in confidence. 

May is looking good right! So enjoy it!

With much love


The OMC 

pic from my garden - if you have a copy of my moon deck you will recognise Chiron who is actually a forest king or grail knight as I like to call him hanging on my wall. I gifted him some violets yesterday just in time for this magical day.

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