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Aquarius Season

Hello Aquarius and Happy Birthday month to you all (and that includes me!)

This morning was greeted with a golden sky of hope as the sun moved into the humanitarian and visionary sign of Aquarius. They are the rule breakers and bringers of change, living authentically in their truth (be it somewhat unorthodox!) and creating a world that is more aligned with service to others rather than self. Transformation is the theme and with Pluto (at about 12.56 am on the 21st) also moving into this sign we can expect shifts and transformation on a global level through the collective consciousness. It’s time to create a new world, have a new vision and move us all forward into better, fairer and more progressive society in which to live.

Over the next few weeks not only the Sun and Pluto move into Aquarius but also the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus will all transit through the aquarian sky. Signs of hope, signs of progress and signs of massive change.

In hope and love


The OMC 🌙

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