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Full moon in Leo

Well crikey that was intense - is everyone ok?!

What a full moon that was to blast off the year. The moon rose in fiery Leo burning off some old karmic toxic waste and invited huge dramatic change to power us into 2024. Sitting at 5º Leo with the sun at 5º Aquarius (check your chart for these placements - ( or my orangemooncat website has a free chart calculator) to see how powerfully affective this was for you) - it highlighted the need to find a balance between the projection of self (Leo) and the interaction you have with others (Aquarius). Jupiter formed a powerful square with the sun and moon injecting electrifying energy pulsing into the intensity of it all as well as the sun throwing a few solar flares in for good measure! Yesterday I felt absolutely battered by this (my South Node is 5º Leo so I took a direct hit!).

Strong emotions all over the place, up and down and in-between. Deep suppressed emotions coming to the fore - power struggles and old hurts arising to be cleared and forgiven in order to pave a new clearer way forward. Getting rid of the old baggage. Realising our strengths and weaknesses. Delving deep into our heart (Leo) and speaking our truth. Finding that inner power (actioning out of your comfort box) but also acting with restraint (Aquarius) in order to not create conflict. This is about letting others see who we are and finding that equilibrium to work together for the better good.

Huge themes around self esteem, renewal and seriously standing in your power. Standing up for yourself and not letting anyone else dull your light (and that includes you… as this moon also highlighted our ability to self sabotage).

The Sabinan symbol for the full moon was 6 Leo “An old fashioned conservative woman is confronted by an up-to-date girl.”

The effects of this moon will still be felt for a few days hence my putting this up even though I’m late! Uranus will turn direct tomorrow (Saturday) at 19º Taurus (again check your chart) as this burst of Uranian energy may impact and create unexpected change where you least expect it. This was the wolf moon - probably the MOST powerful moon of the year and the repercussions of this may be felt for a long time. Many opportunities may be presented over the next few days and weeks - consider them and embrace them even if they are out of the norm. Feel into this with your heart and you will find your true alignment.

If you’re still reeling (like me) get outside and hug a tree and expel some of that electrifying Uranian energy - wonderful advice I was given from an astrological colleague yesterday!). Take it easy and don’t push things over the next few days - let the energy flow and settle. Be gentle on yourself but out of all believe in yourself. You can create the change, flow with the change and be the change - as change is good right?

With much love



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