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Full moon in Virgo 🌝♍️


Today the moon reaches its culmination in the organised, earthy and grounded sign of Virgo. Opposite the sun in dreamy and emotional Pisces we see a blending of equal and opposite energies in which we look at creating structure in order to fulfil our dreams. For we can but dream… however dreaming alone gets us nowhere - the key is to take our dreams and make measured steps to make them a reality. For who wants to live solely in a dream world. It’s time to get real.

The old Zen proverb ‘Chop wood carry water’ sums this up perfectly. It reminds that we are are our own creators and must responsibility for our own lives and the direction in which that flows. Without chopping wood there is no fire, no warmth, without carrying the water we have nothing to eat or drink. We must take this analogy and apply it so that we are grounded in a reality that secures our wellbeing and keeps us a foot in each world - the other and the worldly. By carrying and chopping that bit extra we ensure that we have enough to keep us going on our own without intervention so we create time for time out. In this way we are mindful of our future and are creating solidity in which to create. So saving for a rainy day is also a good point to make here.

This moon is all about personal development. Virgo asks you to set yourself free through structure. Pisces wants us to follow our dreams. So we need to be mindful, attentive and focused on our future needs. Creating solid foundations is key.

The full moon reaches its peak at 12.30 today at exactly 05º Virgo. It forms a loose kite formation trining Uranus in earthy Taurus, sextile Saturn in Pisces which sextiles Ceres in earthy Capricorn and then trines back to the moon. I’m including Ceres (which is an asteroid) that forms the grand earth trine as part of this kite formation as I feel it has a lot of energy to bring to the table. Ceres in Capricorn is a nurturing presence helping us with a sense of responsibility, discipline and commitment to achieving our long term goals. Ambition and determination are key here along with the structured presence of Old Father Time Saturn. Kite formations represent an extraordinary opportunity for growth and gives opportunity for change. Kites do have a Neptunian quality to them (Neptune being the ruler of Pisces). So this does emphasise that by creating the changes needed now through this structured ordered approach really does give opportunity to look at our dreams and reach them through careful planning and nurturing by creating long term goals.

A quick note re Uranus in Taurus - Taurus can be a bit of a stick in the mud type energy - it’s a fixed earth sign that often keeps us fixated on old ideas and patterns that we need to break in order to set ourselves free. Uranus challenges this through pointing out uncomfortable truths! Uranus wants us to change and be more unconventional in our thinking. It really is time to stop sleepwalking through life and have a shake up of our thinking and action new goals.

As mentioned in my previous post re Pisces season - there is a new moon in Pisces on March 10 which brings to fruition all the actions that we start to put into place now. We will start to see results. Moving into March, Mars enters Pisces and we start to see plans put into serous action.

The Venus conjunction with Mars is now separating - we may have had certain situations that triggered us into action by this brief meeting in the sky. A bit of a shock to the system maybe that kicked us out of the nebulous dreamworld and slap bang into reality.

We also have Chiron (our wounds) still conjunct the North Node (our soul direction) so we may be facing harsh truths about ourselves and considering what we can do to change that and be on a better and clearer path. This really is a shake up going on.

Be aware of any emotional triggers that may happen. Work through them with logic and feel into your heart in order to get to the root. Have your past actions caused the problems that you may be facing now? This is a time of deep personal clearing. Getting rid of old ways, habits, thinking and creating a new enlightened path that will steer you to your highest potential.

Exciting, sometimes frightening, but necessary. We are being pushed by the universe to be the best version of ourselves. Embrace this moment and take time to look at where things need to change. This is a huge opportunity - so take it.

The full proverb says ‘Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.’ So keep going. The universe has your back. But you need to put the work in and then you will reap the results!

Moon manifestation best times from 12.30pm full today. The moon stays in Virgo for the whole weekend and goes void at 07.35am on Monday before moving into Libra. So plenty of time to get mediating and thinking!

With much love



Cards used: The Moon Energy Deck - available in my Etsy store - see bio or about.

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