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New Moon in Scorpio

13 November 2023

Happy Monday and Happy New Moon. Today the the moon is renewed in deep and dark Scorpio. Giving us the gift of foresight, helping us stand in our power and offering opportunities to further our goals with dedication and insight.

I always think of scorpio at the bottom of the ocean (it’s a water sign) - uncovering what is in the murk and turning it to make us see what is there and forcing us to uncover the deeper and darker sides of us. A scorpio moon is about clearing on an emotional level. Making us see that which we don’t wish to see but forcing us to change and clear away the old, shifting our perspectives and creating space for the new. It takes us into the unknown which is where we need to be. Curious and enquiring but willing to go with the flow. Digging into the depths of our soul, digging deep deep deep. Realising our flaws, releasing them and working to improve ourselves.

Uranus is in opposition to the moon - he brings change be it sudden and unexpected - but without change we are stagnant. Mars is conjunct the moon - he gives us power and energy and courage to stride forward. We need to be in that space of what is to be. It will come and slowly be revealed. Neptune in Pisces is in a quincunx to the South node in Libra - relationships with others may be testy today. Be aware of confusing signals from others (personally I’m staying away from people today) and try and use that Scorpio piercing perception to see through the BS. Use your intuition and gut feeling. Stay away from conflict. New moons bring new beginnings though and as uncomfortable as this may be it is always for the highest good. This weekend with the 11/11 portal has been a wonderful opportunity for manifesting hopes and dreams both personally and on a global scale. New seeds are being sown - remember in winter they may lay dormant for a while but still the seeds are there, waiting, overwintering and getting ready to put out new shoots of hope.

M O O N G A R D E N I N G (New Moon) Tidy the last bits that need putting away - we are going into the dormancy of winter period where the garden will rest and rejuvenate itself in preparation for spring. Rake leaves but don’t remove them all. Insects reside in them, hedgehogs make their beds with them and the rest will mulch down to improve the soil over winter. Maybe look at some seed catalogues and start to think about what you want to grow next year. It’s time to put small things in place - even if they are just ideas! #newmoon #newbeginnings #newmooninscorpio #themoonenergydeck #uranusopposition #neptuneinpisces #marsinscorpio #marsconjuntthemoon #theorangemooncat #moongardening #cultivatedreams #dream #perpetualcalendar #theorangemooncat #intuitiveastrology #astrologydaily #burnawaytheold #renewedenergy #soulpath #destiny

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