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Pluto conjunct Mars - The Titans Collide!

Happy Valentine’s Day and what an explosive energy is going on in the sky! Today Pluto meets Mars in conjunction at 0º for the first time in 140 years! They meet in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius which is an interesting energy so different to the Capricornian energy we have got so used to with Pluto.

It’s an interesting combination - both big players. Mars is action and Pluto is depth. Time to deep dive, delve into your passions and set them on fire! Now this could make for a hot hot hot Valentines and add some spice to the day. However it can also upend deep rooted thoughts so you may find words overflowing and getting somewhat heated. So it’s either hot in one way or heated in another! Up to you to find out which way it will flow…

A positive side to this is it’s a great time to start something new. Mars will give the energy and drive to break you out of old routines and Pluto wants you to leave old stuff behind anyway. Try something new, start a project, publish a book (great time for publishing!) and be unorthodox! This is like a short sharp burst of energy that may kickstart you into doing something you wouldn’t usually do. This is about furthering your life goals! Make plans and take any opportunities that come your way. Avoid conflict as it can easily manifest today as everyone might be a bit pushy me me me. However stand in your power and be filled with power. This is a big transit and a big turning point.

Venus joins in the fun a little later in the week (17th) when it also conjuncts. This really does ask us to follow our hearts and be passionate about what it is that we want and do. This can be a wonderful time for healing past hurts and moving on. It’s like a reset. Use it wisely and you may just surprise yourself.

With much love


The OMC🌙

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